ASHA Recognized Fluency Specialist & Mentor, Alice Anne G. Farley - M.Ed., CCC/SLP, BRS/FD

Developed and field-tested by Alice Anne G. Farley, Color Me FluentTM is a fluency program that brings together the student, parent/caregiver, and speech-language pathologist (SLP) as a team.

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Alice Anne G. Farley, M.Ed, CCC/SLP, BRS/FD and Mentor, is a speech language pathologist and fluency specialist in Columbia, SC. Licensed in both South and North Carolina, Alice Anne has two additional satellite offices. She received both baccalaureate and graduate degrees from the University of Georgia, at which she also received speech therapy for her own stuttering. Alice Anne has been on the faculties of the Ohio State University, Mercer University, Columbia College, and the University of South Carolina.

Her therapy program, Color Me FluentTM represents her lifelong commitment to people who stutter and to providing quality and individualized intervention for all ages.