Color Me FluentTM

Color Me FluentTM is a fluency program for children and adults who stutter. Various speech patterns are designated by color. The participant progresses from red speech (stuttering) through orange speech (the practice speech) to green speech (fluent speech). The program is comprised of a variety of activities, toys and CD-ROM instruction and handouts as well as a workbook complete with color-coded charts and diagrams for clarification. Information and suggestions for parents and other educators is included.


The following poem elucidates the sequence of the therapy program:

Color me careful
Color me green
Color me fluent
That's what I mean

I've been through orange
My practice speech
I now speak green
Which was way out of reach

Now I'm careful
When I talk
Like some people are careful
When they walk

I practice daily
My family helps too
And all of my teachers say
"Hooray for you."

So, Color Me FluentTM
In the days ahead
Pat me on the back
Since I've given up red

I'll take my suitcase
Of targets and tools
And stay in orange until
Green speech rules!


Learn More about the:

Umbrella of Orange Speech

In the Color Me FluentTM program, fluency shaping target are taught using the metaphor of an "umbrella". Client-specific targets for all ages are taught to each individual who stutters.
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The 25-50-25 Rule

In Color Me FluentTM, the 25-50-25 rule represents the stuttering modification aspect of block control (pullouts, preparatory sets, and feigned block corrections). The person who stutters learns to proceed from red speech through orange speech to "earned" green speech.
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